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Thursday, April 27, 2006

You are capable of many wonderful things that you do not even know about. Decide to start discovering some of them.Outside the walls of your imagined limitations, there is a whole world waiting to be experienced. Allow yourself to venture into it.There is so very much you can do when you stop being so consumed with what you can't do. There are so many opportunities and possibilities to explore when you stop worrying about your shortcomings and disappointments.Let go of the small, limiting thoughts that revolve only around your ego. Make room for the big, expansive thoughts that enable you to experience life's magnificent abundance.There is so very much you can do, so very much you can be, so very much you can give. Choose to open yourself to the wealth of possibilities.Step outside the walls of your old assumptions. And take life to a whole new level.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

When you're weary, it means you've been making a difference. Keep going and see it through.
When each obstacle is more difficult than the one before, it means you're making real progress. Persist and make it all count for something great.The exhaustion you feel is preparing you for the sweet taste of accomplishment that is surely to come. Every effort you make serves to give that accomplishment more value and meaning. Sure,the way is difficult and by moving through each difficulty you're creating something that can never be taken away. Keep going and enjoy the priceless reward of knowing you did it.
As the path become steeper, it means you're nearing the summit. Now is when it's especially important to keep climbing.Your efforts have already brought you a long,long way. Persist and enjoy the full rewards of your labor!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do you remember how great it feels when you set a goal and then reach it? Now would be an excellent time to make a new positive memory of achievement.The more you achieve, the more highly motivated you become to achieve again.Achievement feeds on itself, so make sure to give it some good solid nourishment.Start small,with a goal that's easily attainable,and then put in the effort to achieve it.Let yourself experience the wonderful sense of fulfillment,enjoying how good and right it feels.Then move quickly to something a little more challenging. Once the momentum of achievement is on a roll for you, keep it rolling.A little bit of focused effort can go a long way toward building your confidence, your ambition, your enthusiasm and your effectiveness.Once you take a few positive productive steps, a whole new world of brilliant possibilities will open up to you.
Make a little success, then make a little more, and soon it will start to carry you forward. And there's no limit to where you can go from there!

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